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Chicago is chaotic.
Maybe the city will burn down.
All I know is to survive,
you have to pay the price.
Whether it be killing others,
or stealing guns.
You are divergent now.

The city walls are falling down in Chicago, suddenly the division between fractions is slowly falling apart as Dauntless already has done. The fractions are coming together as Erudite is falling from power, unable to control their mindless zombie’s, those who are not Divergent. The divergent will fight back. Those unaffected but unwilling to name themselves divergent will fight with them.
From now on, you are Divergent.
Starting from the point in which you are placed into your faction, you will start to unravel the story. Figure out the Erudite’s plan. My only question is, which side are you on?


Coming soon: June 16th, official opening day.
Early applications accepted.

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